All members and visitors

Any Director, Clubhouse or Pro Shop staff member, has the power to refuse entry to any person (either on the golf course or in the clubhouse), who in their opinion is inappropriately dressed or fails to comply with the Dress Rules.


  • Neat, clean, and tidy dress
  • Clean covered footwear, leather sandals with backstrap, ladies dress shoes
  • Shirts and T shirts may be worn outside of shorts, trousers and jeans


  • Ladies’ and mens’ leather or rubber thongs
    (Exception: Children under the age of 12)
  • Singlets, men’s sleeveless shirts, tracksuits, gym or training apparel (Exception: Special occasions, authorised exercise classes)
  • Dirty or torn clothing, overalls or dirty/muddy work boots
  • T shirts or shirts with offensive or inappropriate slogans or images