New Junior Programme 2021

2020 has definitely been a challenge in more ways than one, with COVID-19 effecting all our lives in many ways. As we now look forward to 2021, we are pleased to inform our Junior members & parents about the Junior Program that will be on offer at our club in the new year.

Cherie & Mark Alison our newly appointed PGA Professionals who commence with us on March 1st 2021, will be offering a whole new Junior Program structure, involving various exciting elements & opportunities. 

Below is a snapshot of what you can expect:

  • A full 12-month Junior Program which will follow each of the school terms
  • There will be an annual fee to join the program, however the kids will receive a shirt, hat & lesson booklet at the start of the year. The program will be structured and organised and outline/detail each weekly lesson session in advance.  Participants will also be encouraged to make notes on their progress in the lesson booklet throughout the year. 
  • Sessions will run for approx. 1 hour per week (beginners ages still to be determined)
  • The sessions will largely be games based with a focus on fun and involvement.
  • A ratio of 1 coach for 8 students, will be used. 2 coaches will be on offer if required. This is required to ensure safety is at the forefront and all participants receive value for their time.
  • The program will also look to have an advanced component with one on one lessons available.

A progression plan will be put in place to monitor the juniors through their sessions with the older/more able classes introduced to on course play when they are ready.

  • Additional skills tests will be conducted throughout the year to test/reward improvement
  • Family fun events will also be held conjunction with the program which will involve both a golf & hospitality component.


Stay tuned for more details to come such as dates, costs & specific programs. All this will be detailed & released once Mark & Cherie officially commence their roles.  Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy new year.

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For and on behalf of the Junior Committee,


Derryn Weigand

General Manager 

"Rod Barton” Junior Development Programme

Programme Outline

  • Coaching Clinics
  • 5 hole Tyro course
  • 9 hole Events
  • Junior major Events
  • Inter Club Golf
  • Scholarships & Incentives
  • Pathway to Full Playing membership

Coaching Clinics

  • Free fortnightly coaching clinics are run by members of the PGA during school terms.
  • Dates and times are posted on the club’s website at the commencement of each term.
  • Members are required to book in via the online Booking system.

Tyro Golf Course

  • A 5-hole course has been designed for beginners
  • Events will be run in school terms and alternative weeks to the Coaching Clinics and during school Holidays.
  • Dates and times are posted on the club’s website
  • Members are required to book in via the online booking system in groups of three.
  • Experienced junior members are encouraged to play as 4th member in each group as mentors

9 Hole Events

  • To be held on selected Sunday mornings from the 10th tee.
  • Dates and times are posted on the Club’s Website.
  • Members are required to book in via the online booking system.
  • The event is open for members with or without handicaps
  • Parents/guardians/grandparents are welcome to play or accompany at no cost. Dress regulations apply. Junior Major Events

Members have entry into the following:

  • Junior championship
  • Cronulla Junior masters
  • Junior Eclectic (best score on each hole over 12 month period)

Inter Club Golf – Opportunity to play in 

  • Encourage shield
  • Junior Pennant
  • Eric Apperly Shield (male only)
  • Other representative pennant teams

Scholarships and Incentives


  • Annual scholarships will be available to juniors who meet set performance criteria and who
    aspire to play at the Elite level.


  • Male Junior golfers with “A Grade” handicap have the same booking rights as full playing
  • Female junior golfers have unrestricted booking rights in ladies competitions
  • Coaching awards will be available for regular play in Clubs events.
  • Juniors who are selected in Inter club teams will receive a credit towards their joining fee, payable on transfer to Full playing membership.


Pathway to Full Playing Membership

  • Annual subscriptions are currently $150
  • There is no initial joining fee
  • At age 18 invites to transfer to cadet memberships, where subscriptions commence at % of a Full Playing member, with scaled increases every 2 years until age 30.
  • At age 30 invited to transfer to Full Playing membership or another class of membership. A joining fee (50% of full rate) less any credits accumulated becomes payable at this point in time.

Junior Coaching Clinics / Tyro

Would you like to be included in our Junior Clinics, to be held on selected Monday afternoons from 4pm to 5pm.

Please contact the office by email ( or phone (9523 6777) to advise which clinic dates you would like to be considered for. At this time also advise if there is another Junior member you want to attend the clinics with:

As spots are limited, all bookings will be made by the office, with preference given to those who did not participate or missed out the week before.

Tyro clinics are generally held each Monday afternoons from 4.00pm to 5.00pm.  Timesheets are available to book into and a parent helper is essential to help run these clinics.

Rod Barton Eclectic Competition

Commences beginning of February – December  best stableford score on each hole in 2021

Junior 6's Invitational 2021

Further information to come. 

Junior Championships 2021

2021 Dates

Girls – Sunday 22nd August 2021

Boys – Sunday 12th December 2021

2020 Winner 

Boys Champion – Troy Schulz

Minor Champion – Jeremy Garlick

2020 Winner 

Girls – Charlotte Perkins 



Junior Masters 2021

Monday 28th June – Further information to follow


Junior Development Committee

Brett Cripps (Chair) 
Cathy Axford
Richard Beer
Lloyd Elphick
Christian Small
Mark Whetters